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Fiscalini Farms is a state-of-the-art dairy facility located literally next door to Fiscalini Cheese Company. Only milk from our own dairy farm is used to make our cheese. This is what the designation “farmstead” means. We can insure the uncompromising quality of the cheese by controlling the quality of the milk used in the cheese making process. We can control the quality of the feed, the cleanliness of the animals, and the meticulous detail given to the milking process to insure the highest quality milk possible. We do not use r-Bst in our herd, and our Nutritionist and Veterinarian help us make decisions about the care of our cows.

At Fiscalini Farms, the health and contentment of our cows is our livelihood, and we strive to keep our herd of registered Holsteins and Jerseys healthy and comfortable.

We believe in the sustainability of agriculture and want future generations of Fiscalini’s to continue to harvest and enrich the land. Our philosophy is to produce high quality feed that our cows will consume and make great milk. That great milk will then be made into the best cheeses in the world.

Fiscalini Farmstead


Since 1905, Ratto Bros. has been owned and operated in the family tradition started by Antone L. Ratto. The son of Italian Immigrants, Antone grew his own vegetables on Bay Farm Island near Oakland and personally delivered his vegetables to his customers in a horse-drawn cart. One hundred years and several generations later, the Ratto family still grows their own vegetables and cultivates personal relationships with each of their customers. Come inside our site and find out how a family business has grown to meet and exceed the demands of our corporate customers while retaining the traditional values of hard work, high quality products and lasting relationships.

Ratto Brothers

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